42. IFLS + EICI Leather Shoes Supplies and Technology Exhibition
18 November 2021
Inter Auto Tunisia
23 March 2020

Intertex Portugal exhibition which will be organized on 2nd – 4th October 2020 at Exponor Porto International Fair in Portugal.

Intertex Portugal will be beneficial for great export value and sales growth to international companies with the participation of domestic and international textile professionals.

“Save the date for 02-04 June 2022 to meet with textile industry leaders
under one roof in Porto!”


√  Intertex Portugal is the only biggest international exhibition to enter the Portuguese market and participants will be able to take advantage of all these opportunities with the buyers.
√  Delegations and professional visitors from 18 countries; not only from European countries but also from the USA and South American countries.
√  Intertex Portugal is where you can discover thousands of trendy products from widely known brands and chain stores.
√  Over 8.000 industry professionals will come together on the same platform.
√  You can meet with new suppliers, customers, and business partners.
√  You can share and obtain information about the current market and the future of the market.
√  You can boost your business potential via B2B meetings.



Ready to wear
 √ Fiber, Yarn, and Raw Materials
Wool, Silk, Lace, Embroidery
Printed Fabrics
Color-Woven-Shirting Fabrics
Denim Fabrics and Weavers
Buttons, Zippers Other Types of Trims
Digital Printing
Designers and Design Studio
Textile Machinery
Home Textile
Leather & Shoes



  The Portuguese T&C is at present characterized by innovation and creativity, quick response, and service intensity in general, rather than by price. Competition based on low price is a condemned battle, as it was proven by many companies that insisted on pursuing this model and could not cope with low price operators.
  Portugal has currently one of the strongest textile industries in Europe and is known for its impressive craftsmanship and expertise in high-quality clothes and home textiles. “Made in Portugal” is a symbol of quality & reliability and it also means the product was made in an environment that is socially and ecologically responsible.
  Portugal is known around the world as an excellent destination for apparel sourcing and manufacturing for clothing brands of all sizes.
  Due to its great geographic position, it is easy for shipments to reach Europe and the Americas quickly, saving time and money on shipping.
  Portuguese clothing and textile manufacturers have the know-how and the technology to produce high-quality garments for a lower cost than many of their European counterparts.