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23 March 2020
Textile Asia Pakistan
23 March 2020

Textile Asia Trade Exhibition is the most promising and enduring biannual Textile Industry Show in Pakistan to be held at Karachi Expo Centre & Lahore Expo Centre. The Exhibition aims to focus on the immense buying selling potential of textile & garment machinery, Clothing Textiles Accessories, Textile Raw Material Supplies, Textile Dyes Chemicals, Embroidery Machines, Power & Air Compressors for Textile Industry and Textile Allied Services. The event is being organized at the most opportune time when the government is looking forward to modernize and upgrade the textile sector of the country for the better quality products and enhanced productivity

Pakistan the Regional Textile Hub

Textiles is the most important manufacturing sector of Pakistan and has the longest production chain, with inherent potential for value addition at each stage of processing, from cotton to ginning, spinning, fabric, dyeing and finishing, made-ups and garments .

Pakistan Textile General View

  • Total GDP 167Billion
  • Textiles’ share 64%
  • Constitutes 40% Manufacturing Industry
  • Employs 40% of working population

Pakistan Textile Industry Strengths

  • 1. 4th Largest Cotton Produce
  • 2. 56% of Country Exports Volume
  • 3. 1.4 Million People Employed
  • 4. Low Labor Cost – 0.55/hr
  • 5. Uniformity of Fiber
  • 6. Best for Absorption

Installed Capacity of Textiles Sector

Sub SectorInstalled Capacity
Cotton Spinning10,100,00 Spindles & 114,000 Rotors
Cotton Weaving9,000 Power Looms
Hosiery12,000 Knitting Machines
Towels7,500 Looms
Art Silk & Synthetic Weaving90,000 Power Looms